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Feel The Burn

Day 6 of the Journey to eating healthy to lose weight!

This is now the second week! Yay I made it! Thanks for following us till this point!

After a nice weekend recovering and enjoying family time, and observing Jewish New Year, I am ready for this week! I feel better this week than last week as of now. I attribute it to my attitude and my NuPlus, Calli, and Fortune Delight. Also my workouts hopefully should start to get routine over this week and the next and I will be able to not be so awkward in a Gym.

Today I ate 3 eggs, 2 NuPlus, 1 Calli, 2 Fortune Delight of course sweetened by SunnyDew. I made spaghetti over the weekend, so I am finishing up those leftovers with a total of 6 oz of pasta, and a total of 3 cups of sauce with small beef meatballs.

My workout was fun, I enjoyed it a lot today. It was hard but not nearly as hard as the first week.

Tomorrow I should be done with the spaghetti, and back to normalcy on diet.

Day 5 of Eating Healthy to Lose Weight

Today was awesome! I had the most amount of Sunrider I’ve had in a while. I had 2 Calli’s 2 Fortune Delight’s and 3¬†NuPlus‘ I felt great, so i worked out on legs, which is in my opinion the hardest day possible, and still managed to clean the house, move rooms, and rearrange (and I mean full rearrange) of my office and helped wife’s office. It sucked to carry desks upstairs when your legs feel like jello, but hey that is what being married is all about! ūüôā

Food today was better till dinner time. I ate 2 eggs in morning, 1 NuPlus, and some water. I usually drink like 8 glasses of water a day. I ate another NuPlus for my workout when I went to the gym, since I know its a fully balanced quick meal, and it helped day before for working out. I then Had my Calli and fortune Delight when I got home, sweetened of course with SunnyDew.  I ate a hard boiled egg for lunch, and a pack of ramen. I had another Calli and Fortune Delight later on, and then had a burger for dinner. Not to bad, but i Pulled out my chicken from the freezer. This weekend is gonna be fun.

Workout like i said was rough, it is leg day. I did feel markedly better after eating my NuPlus. It took until after my first workout to feel the impact of it. Rest of the day went well, I apparently am really weak in my rear deltoids. I could only do 10-12 pounds for that exercise. I will post pictures below. My workout partner Kris, is the one pictured here.  I think my partner recorded a video. Once I figure how to get video on here I will upload it.

Thank you for reading, and I will see y’all again next week!

Day 4 of eating healthy to lose weight

Today was a very rough day, ¬†at least in junk food department. I ate some food out of my freezer that I was wanting to get rid of. I ate the last of my twix ice cream bars. I felt a little guilty, but hey now the temptation is gone. The do say to remove all obstacles in your house before getting serious with a workout or meal plan, but hey I do have the rest of my life to be serious right? On a more serious note, I totally am not going to buy any more “Wasted Calorie” food anymore.

Now that that is out of the way I had a good day working out. The pain from the past few days is starting to subside a little. Hopefully next week it won’t be so bad.

Today I ate 1 Chicken Breast 3 eggs, two pork spareribs, 6 cups of broccoli, 1 Calli, 1 Fortune delight, 2 NuPlus, and some SunnyDew for sweetening. I also had a few of my neighbors sides from KFC, a few tablespoons of Mashed Potatoes, and a few tablespoons of Cole-Slaw. Not a bad overall, but I can do better.

My workouts were awesome. I really pushed myself today. I started with a good amount of energy after i ate a NuPlus 10 minutes before working out. It is awesome since It gets absorbed in like 15 minutes or so, you can feel the power. I will post pictures of the workout below. We added a few other workouts here like Hammers, and Marching Planks where you hold a 45 or so in weight and march around Gym moving weight from side to side for a minute at a time 3 times. It is really hard. But it really gets the calories burning!


Day 3 of Eating Healthy to Lose Weight

Day 3 was so hard after doing the babrell shrugs on day 2, or as they are affectionately named, “I Dunnos” I used one of those wrist hooks to get a better grip and man it was intense. So day 3 I was really feeling the burn from day 2. Regardless, I had to keep going!

Day 3 is the point where you start to doubt if the pain is worth it. I know from experience and watching others, that one really doesn’t like pain, and we do a lot of things to avoid pain. ¬†Lucky for me I still have my Sunrider foods that just really put me over the edge and knock that out of my head. I know I will lose weight and feel a ton better as my body comes into balance.

Today I ate 3 eggs, a mixture of my rutabaga veggie mix from day 2, my last two pork chops, 6 cups of broccoli, 2 packs of ramen (It was really tasty….I know it wont be good for me later…) and some canned bbq beans.

As for my Sunrider Foods, I had 1 Calli, 1 Fortune Delight, 2 NuPlus, sweetened my drinks with SunnyDew , and my wife massaged SunBreeze into my muscles at end of night and helped me stretch. OH my goodness if you don’t have SunBreeze after your workouts, you are missing out. This product gives your body hot or cold depending on what it needs. It feels wonderful, and really takes down that pain I was talking about earlier. It comes in Oil or Balm form, I like both forms for different reasons. It has a lot of uses, but really I needed it for sore muscles.

As for my workout I didn’t get pics of me working out today, But i will show you my Bodyspace App pics. The Gym was full of people today too. There was a lot of testosterone there today. Lot of people going “FOCUS!” over and over. It was fun. I had a great time. ¬†I did manage to get a body fat measuring machine you will see it displayed here. I find it exciting the top number when I first started before Sunrider foods, and while I was eating them during my recovery from a broken tailbone, was over 40 now my first week back to Gym in over 7 weeks its 38.2. And I laid around and ate terrible during the last 7 weeks. Thanks Calli!

Second day of Eating Healthy to Lose Weight

Second day was a little harder than the first.

The soreness was real from the workouts. Thankfully I have my Fortune Delight for right after my workouts when I get home instead of Gatorade or Powerade. It really re-hydrates me, and i feel good after. It also helps my body emulsify fat.

My food today consisted of 1 Calli, 1 NuPlus, 1 Fortune Delight, 2 Pork Chops, my recipe that includes 2 rutabagas, 3 turnips, 1 bunch of asparagus, 5 carrots, 2 tablespoons of garlic and cilantro, 2 sprigs of fresh basil chopped up, and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. I eat on that during the day. I will make this a lot because when i get a littel under the weather or my body starts clearing out toxins this food here is full of vitamin c, potassium,  Vitamin A, and other really important nutrients, that along with my NuPlus I feel better. Plus they are all low in calories, and taste good together.

My workouts were intense, I went back to working with my workout partner and friend who is a personal trainer certified by PROPTA, and I will have him on here eventually showing technique and doing workout plans for people, but yea He is awesome, so I join his workout. If anyone uses the Bodbybuilding App. his workouts are called maximum muscle day 1-7 by somuchfun.

I will be posing pics of my workouts now, so y’all can see them. Along with some embarrassing photos of me doing the exercises.

Y’all have fun!

First Day of the Journey of Eating Healthy to Lose Weight

My first day started out like most people’s first day when they start something. Now granted I have done some of this before, but due to injuries and health issues its been a while since I have been to a gym. Also i have always disliked gym’s since my football days. It always seemed so selfish in there. A bunch of guys and girls all focused on themselves.

I used to not like to be in that atmosphere, it was very intimidating, since I am by nature a very generous, and try to be unselfish in most of my dealings. I have come to understand now that I am in my thirties, that it is totally OK to take an hour a day, or even 30 minutes a day and just focus on your health and well-being, without giving two cares about others around you.

My first day weight was 354.8 I weighed in morning as soon as I got up. I ate a total of three pork chops (because I bought them last week) 1 Plum, I Calli Tea bag, 1 Fortune Delight, 1 NuPlus,¬†9¬†chocolate cookies from the Dollar General ( my friend was working on cars, and wanted cookies… I was hungry so I ate some) 2 string cheeses, and 1 bowl of cinnamon toast crunch.

My two boys, and wife also had the Calli and Fortune Delight, sweetened with SunNectar.  I make a pot of tea for family and we share it since, we are kinda on the lower income side right now.

Not the best way to start out my first day of this site, but hey at least it was honest. I will try to eat better tomorrow.

My workout was a little odd, due to the fact there were so many people in the Gym, I didn’t do the normal weight lifting. I was on a freestyle Bench Press with 135 pounds 10 reps and 4 sets. Then dropped the weight down to 115 pounds 10 reps and 4 sets. dropped again to 95 pounds 10 reps and 4 sets. Then I went and did a machine where I have to do like butterfly pulls¬†to my chest, 75 pounds 10 reps and 4 sets. Then a machine where I had to push the weights away from me, and I did that on 90 pounds 10 reps and 4 sets.

Total Pounds lifted 5400 + 4600 +3800 + 3000 + 3600 = 20,400 pounds manipulated in the gym. Not bad my first day. I recommend you get a spotter if you are going to do the freestyle bench press, it can get a little wobbly your first few weeks.

I will start to learn the names of these things so y’all can duplicate them if needed, but like I stated earlier, it wasn’t my normal workout plan, but I still worked the same muscles, fora similar effect.

Well that’s it for my first day, see you all tomorrow!