Mental Weight Loss

One of the biggest aspects of this and any weightloss journey is not the workout itself but the mentality, my own thoughts and feelings. Which is why I chose this picture today:


Its absolutely true losing weight is a mental challenge.  If you read my first post Here you are aware that this is going to be a big challenge for me.

My husband is good and buckling down and getting it done, and me I am good at overthinking and procrastination, yep I said it. I’m a serial procrastinator. I tend to put things before the gym that I deem are “more important” like working on crafts for my sites, laundry, dishes, ECT or ill put it off till the afternoon….that times usually never comes. I have more success at consistency when it comes to working out at home but the results are not as good.  So I am going to try and Set a goal because simple goals are good right?

Goal: Pick a time to go to the gym and just go. No thinking about what needs to be done just go. 

Another mental issue I deal with is the idea of never going to be good enough. What I mean is that I see people that go through weight loss and to me they look amazing, but they are constantly trying to lose more, or they want to change this or that or they are never satisfied with themselves. I know this is a never ending lifestyle but I want to reach a point where I am happy with where I am but not going overboard. I hope that makes sense. So I am going to set a goal for this too.

Goal: Learn to love myself where I am at the time that I am in it. 

One of the things that I had to be careful about is competition. I am the type of person that if I let myself go unchecked I tend to get a little competitive. I start telling myself that :”I want to be better than so and so, or look better than so and so”  It is was so serious that It actually got to the point where I had to stop working out with a friend of mine because I wasn’t thinking of form, I wasn’t striving to do it right. I felt like I was constantly trying to “prove” I can keep up , and “prove” that I can do it better. That is a dangerous mentality just because I lost all the reason why I wanted to do this in the first place,  which is to be stronger and healthier. So I am setting another goal for myself.

Goal: Try to be a better version of YOURSELF and no one else. 

This week wasn’t my most shining week but I am hoping to go into the next week with these goals in mind and get beyond the mental barriers that I put MYSELF behind and move forward into a better and healthier version of myself.