One Step at a Time

Like all great fitness journeys it starts out much like the image below: One step at  a time.


I have been surrounded by big women my whole life. My mom after kids gained weight and my Nana after her very bad accident gained weight as well. However both used to be naturally thin, and active. I worry that I too am headed in that direction so I am ready to put a stop to it before I end up in the same boat.

I want to tell you a little about my past because it shapes the place that I am in today in regards to health and weight loss and why Matthew and I are doing this. It will be quite a bit to read (just a warning).

As a kid I remember my mom had those weight loss meals, I remember they were bland and so gross, just gross (yeah I ate some of them haha) I think that is the only time I can remember my mom being on any kind of diet. This sticks out to me though because I associated “healthy” with gross.

Growing up I was super thin like skinny minnie all the way until I developed in about 6th or 7th grade or so then that is when the body perception issues began. Right around 6th and 7th grade San Diego schools began the uniform policy, much to my dismay. Not only were expensive and on top of that because of my long legs and chest development finding clothes was a nightmare so everything I bought was XL or XXL with that I felt “fat” the clothes were made for smaller girls and I had to usually shop in the boys section (which made me feel even worse.) I usually wore a sweatshirt year round and even during PE.

As I got older I started to get even more self conscious about my weight. I bought that silly thing that you wrap around your waist and it supposed to use electric pulses to help work the muscles, I tried the Ephedrine (or something like that) pill they used to sell at the store you know the one that gave people heart attacks? yeah I nearly killed myself playing flag football one day it was THAT bad, I had tried all kinds of diets and pills and drinks by the time I graduated high school.

By the time I was in my twenties I resorted to just living the life of the “fat friend”.  My friends were all thin and me not so much.  I spent more time buying men’s shirts and just tried to be at least comfortable in clothes even though all my friends were shopping in stores I wish I could shop in.

Then while working at Sea World San Diego, (which was my favorite job ever btw) I met Bonnie, let me tell you she looked WAY better than me the young 20 something. I don’t remember our exact conversation that started it all but I do remember getting a sample of the Calli tea. I loved it then I bought some more from her and people noticed changes that even I didn’t notice.  We went to the meetings and we talked to people who had been eating the foods for years and I knew these were for us.

We have been through many ups and downs early  in our journey.  But we have always been able to count on those foods since day 1.

The reason I wanted to share a little bit of my background was because for me its not just the physical need to lose weight, but a mental need to lose weight. I see people who lose weight but not the issues with being overweight, the mentality and insecurities that you had before you lost the pounds.

So with that being said join me on this journey and hopefully one day you will also feel inspired and maybe we can all help each other get to a healthy place!