Feel The Burn

Day 6 of the Journey to eating healthy to lose weight!

This is now the second week! Yay I made it! Thanks for following us till this point!

After a nice weekend recovering and enjoying family time, and observing Jewish New Year, I am ready for this week! I feel better this week than last week as of now. I attribute it to my attitude and my NuPlus, Calli, and Fortune Delight. Also my workouts hopefully should start to get routine over this week and the next and I will be able to not be so awkward in a Gym.

Today I ate 3 eggs, 2 NuPlus, 1 Calli, 2 Fortune Delight of course sweetened by SunnyDew. I made spaghetti over the weekend, so I am finishing up those leftovers with a total of 6 oz of pasta, and a total of 3 cups of sauce with small beef meatballs.

My workout was fun, I enjoyed it a lot today. It was hard but not nearly as hard as the first week.

Tomorrow I should be done with the spaghetti, and back to normalcy on diet.