Day 5 of Eating Healthy to Lose Weight

Today was awesome! I had the most amount of Sunrider I’ve had in a while. I had 2 Calli’s 2 Fortune Delight’s and 3 NuPlus‘ I felt great, so i worked out on legs, which is in my opinion the hardest day possible, and still managed to clean the house, move rooms, and rearrange (and I mean full rearrange) of my office and helped wife’s office. It sucked to carry desks upstairs when your legs feel like jello, but hey that is what being married is all about! 🙂

Food today was better till dinner time. I ate 2 eggs in morning, 1 NuPlus, and some water. I usually drink like 8 glasses of water a day. I ate another NuPlus for my workout when I went to the gym, since I know its a fully balanced quick meal, and it helped day before for working out. I then Had my Calli and fortune Delight when I got home, sweetened of course with SunnyDew.  I ate a hard boiled egg for lunch, and a pack of ramen. I had another Calli and Fortune Delight later on, and then had a burger for dinner. Not to bad, but i Pulled out my chicken from the freezer. This weekend is gonna be fun.

Workout like i said was rough, it is leg day. I did feel markedly better after eating my NuPlus. It took until after my first workout to feel the impact of it. Rest of the day went well, I apparently am really weak in my rear deltoids. I could only do 10-12 pounds for that exercise. I will post pictures below. My workout partner Kris, is the one pictured here.  I think my partner recorded a video. Once I figure how to get video on here I will upload it.

Thank you for reading, and I will see y’all again next week!