Day 4 of eating healthy to lose weight

Today was a very rough day,  at least in junk food department. I ate some food out of my freezer that I was wanting to get rid of. I ate the last of my twix ice cream bars. I felt a little guilty, but hey now the temptation is gone. The do say to remove all obstacles in your house before getting serious with a workout or meal plan, but hey I do have the rest of my life to be serious right? On a more serious note, I totally am not going to buy any more “Wasted Calorie” food anymore.

Now that that is out of the way I had a good day working out. The pain from the past few days is starting to subside a little. Hopefully next week it won’t be so bad.

Today I ate 1 Chicken Breast 3 eggs, two pork spareribs, 6 cups of broccoli, 1 Calli, 1 Fortune delight, 2 NuPlus, and some SunnyDew for sweetening. I also had a few of my neighbors sides from KFC, a few tablespoons of Mashed Potatoes, and a few tablespoons of Cole-Slaw. Not a bad overall, but I can do better.

My workouts were awesome. I really pushed myself today. I started with a good amount of energy after i ate a NuPlus 10 minutes before working out. It is awesome since It gets absorbed in like 15 minutes or so, you can feel the power. I will post pictures of the workout below. We added a few other workouts here like Hammers, and Marching Planks where you hold a 45 or so in weight and march around Gym moving weight from side to side for a minute at a time 3 times. It is really hard. But it really gets the calories burning!