Day 3 of Eating Healthy to Lose Weight

Day 3 was so hard after doing the babrell shrugs on day 2, or as they are affectionately named, “I Dunnos” I used one of those wrist hooks to get a better grip and man it was intense. So day 3 I was really feeling the burn from day 2. Regardless, I had to keep going!

Day 3 is the point where you start to doubt if the pain is worth it. I know from experience and watching others, that one really doesn’t like pain, and we do a lot of things to avoid pain.  Lucky for me I still have my Sunrider foods that just really put me over the edge and knock that out of my head. I know I will lose weight and feel a ton better as my body comes into balance.

Today I ate 3 eggs, a mixture of my rutabaga veggie mix from day 2, my last two pork chops, 6 cups of broccoli, 2 packs of ramen (It was really tasty….I know it wont be good for me later…) and some canned bbq beans.

As for my Sunrider Foods, I had 1 Calli, 1 Fortune Delight, 2 NuPlus, sweetened my drinks with SunnyDew , and my wife massaged SunBreeze into my muscles at end of night and helped me stretch. OH my goodness if you don’t have SunBreeze after your workouts, you are missing out. This product gives your body hot or cold depending on what it needs. It feels wonderful, and really takes down that pain I was talking about earlier. It comes in Oil or Balm form, I like both forms for different reasons. It has a lot of uses, but really I needed it for sore muscles.

As for my workout I didn’t get pics of me working out today, But i will show you my Bodyspace App pics. The Gym was full of people today too. There was a lot of testosterone there today. Lot of people going “FOCUS!” over and over. It was fun. I had a great time.  I did manage to get a body fat measuring machine you will see it displayed here. I find it exciting the top number when I first started before Sunrider foods, and while I was eating them during my recovery from a broken tailbone, was over 40 now my first week back to Gym in over 7 weeks its 38.2. And I laid around and ate terrible during the last 7 weeks. Thanks Calli!