Welcome to our site on eating healthy to lose weight. If you are like us we were sick and tired of being judged based on our looks and life choices. We were tired of the constant health issues we were facing , and a terrible undernourishment in our bodies.

We had to learn all kinds of things starting all the way back before our first son was born in 2008. We have been compiling and adding to our knowledge through education, seminars, observation science, and also just taking action!  We found that with all the knowledge we had about how to eat, how to exercise, how to supplement properly without starving our bodies, nobody would take us seriously until we got the results, so here we go!

We are going to be chronicling our weight loss journey so that everyone can see the principles, the morals,  the products and the lifestyle we choose to live.  But this shouldn’t just be for your amusement, if you would like to join us on our journey to lose weight by eating food, and getting nourished properly, then come back and read each day!

We hope you have fun with us, and want to learn more. Have a wonderful God filled day!